Peripage Pocket Bluetooth Thermal Printer (Ships with 1 Thermal paper roll) - Peripage
Peripage Pocket Bluetooth Thermal Printer (Ships with 1 Thermal paper roll) - Peripage
Peripage Pocket Bluetooth Thermal Printer (Ships with 1 Thermal paper roll) - Peripage

Peripage Pocket Bluetooth Thermal Printer (Ships with 1 Thermal paper roll)

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Say goodbye to the traditional printer. The PeriPage Pocket printer will give you a creative printing experience. Easy to set up and operate, there is no ink needed and works on thermal printing technology. It works perfectly with IOS/Android devices, making printing more convenient than ever before.

Print directly from your smartphone


✔️ ORGANIZE  your lessons simply by printing your notes.
✔️ SAVE  on renewing traditional ink cartridges. A traditional printer takes up space and costs a lot more, not to mention expensive ink refills! 
✔️ SAFE for children to change thermal rolls as there is no mess of ink.
✔️ WORKS  with every smartphone, laptop and tablet
✔️ GIFT your loved ones and see them use it on a regular basis.

Craft Personal messages or print photos



Loved by people around the world. Print your world with Peripage


Although a polaroid or instax is ideal for photos, you still cannot print messages and other cool images. The Peripage takes care of every image or quick note and transforms moments or messages into a beautiful collage with added text. 

 Download the free app

You can create your own designs using the free  PeriPage app  that comes with a variety of fonts and templates to choose from. 

Available for all Apple and Android phones, including iPad and other tablets.



In 3 Different Colors


Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you need an ink cartridge?
A: No, the print head develops color by heating the color-changing coating on the thermal paper point by point.

Q: What is the clarity of the printer?
A: We use a high-quality Japanese thermal printhead, the resolution of 203 DPI (ie, 8 print dots per mm) can meet the normal reading distance (about 30 cm) and well suited for Text and illustrations only. Real life images appear blur in this resolution.

Please choose 304 DPI if you need higher resolution and will be using the printer for real life images.

203 DPI Printer is good for text and illustrations only. Not good for photos


304 DPI Printer is good for everything including photos

Q: What kind of thermal paper is used?
A: Thermal paper rolls with a diameter of less than 58 mm and a diameter of 30 mm or less are supported. There are different types and colours of thermal rolls available that you can buy along with the printer. Our "10 in 1 bundle" is most preferred by our customers and contains thermal paper, thermal labels and thermal stickers of different colours.

Q: Label printers have alignment issues while printing on labels. Does Peripage have this issue?
A: No. The pocket printer adopts a contrast-type light-sensing design different from the general reflective light-sensing principle, accurately capturing the gap of the label paper, and having the ability to self-learn the label height.
Q: Do you provide Warranty on Peripage printer?
A: Yes. We offer a warranty of 1 Year on all our printers. Please note that products with physical damages will not qualify for warranty or returns.

PS: Due to COVID-19 logistics around the world are slower than usual. Please allow a total of 2 weeks for this product to arrive at your doorstep (Usually arrives within 10 days depending on your country). All payments are secured by Paypal.